This is where you'll find my fanfiction, mostly (but not all) slash fanfiction.

I write slash set in the original (1978) Battlestar Galactica series and in Stargate Atlantis, and gen stories in Lancer.

The slash stories feature romance and the odd bit of hot sex between the slashiest couples in television history - Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck, the Battlestar Galactica's finest, and Lt Colonel John Sheppard and Dr Rodney McKay.

I really can't stress enough that whilst the stories are relatively mild, some do contain explicit sex scenes between two rather gorgeous men. This is Starbuck/Apollo and John/Rodney (McKay/Sheppard) slash fanfiction - and because I don't mean to fetishise one as being more 'passive' than the other, it's just as often Apollo/Starbuck or Rodney/John. It's SLASH. Gay stuff.

So, if you're too young to read things like this (as defined by the legal age in your part of the universe) or you don't like slash stories, then launch your Viper outa here.

If you're staying, you can go straight to the BSG fiction or SGA fiction or Lancer fiction pages, or the latest stories listed below. Or use the navigation buttons on the left to find what you want. Enjoy!


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