Lancer is a TV western (aired 1969/1970), set in California of 1870.  Murdoch Lancer's vast ranch is threatened by "land pirates" who are trying to run him off the estancia.  He sends for his two sons to help him - Scott, whom he has only seen briefly once when Scott was five (his first wife died in childbirth and her family took Scott and raised him in wealth and privilege in Boston) and Johnny, who was taken before his second birthday by Murdoch's second wife when she ran away with a gambler.  So there are the bones of the story :  proud, remote landowner, rich Boston dandy, and a half-Mexican gunfighter better known as Johnny Madrid, all learning to be a family.

The only other thing you need to know is that Johnny Madrid -("Madrid's an awfully expensive gun to hire." "The suddenest man I ever saw." "The fastest thing west of the Mississippi and east of China." "I've heard stories about John Madrid from here clear down to the Mexican border." "What's another dead man to Johnny Madrid?" "How would you like to be dead?") - is the first of the messy-dark-haired men that I fell in love with.   Johnny is just gorgeous.

Episode summaries on the Lancerlovers site (this link opens a new window in your browser)

One Shots
Bah Humbug
In which Ebenezer Lancer is made to enjoy Christmas

Baked Goods
An episode tag for Shadow of a Dead Man, in which Jessamie bakes biscuits, Grady goes to school and Scott brings letters and a photograph.


A very tongue-in-cheek look at why Scott stayed... AU, of course

Lancer Writers Awards: Best Humorous Story

Driving the Chariot
Or five times that Johnny Lancer shows some sense, and one time he doesn't

Dying to Live
All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.
Anatole France

Lancer Writers Awards: Best Canonical Story


Five Facts: Sam Jenkins
Five things you didn't know about our favourite doctor

Flies and Spiders
A tag for the episode Angel Day. Teresa thinks about how close she came to ruin.
Genre Challenge
A meme on LiveJournal took 10 fiction genres and invited people to write a single sentence for each that would both show off their fandom and be a miniature example of the genre. Only 10? I ended up with 25
Five tiny 55 word ficlets adding up to a tiny single story.

The Mysterious Affair Of The Purloined Suspenders
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will be spinning in his tomb. A Lancer Whodunnit.


The Old Maid's Tale
The story of a greeny-yallery dress. Episode Tag for The Kid



The story of Tom and Marcy Dane, and their attempt to make their fortune in the California Gold Rush, 1848-50. An episode tag for The Prodigal.

Sisters Under The Skin
Two different women, a sense of place, and how to learn to belong.

Lancer Writers Awards: Best Dramatic Story

The Feathers Sequence
A series of short stories, tags for the episode Shadow of a Dead Man
A note on the series

Candle In The Sun
What makes the world go around, apparently. And here's me thinking it was the conservation of angular momentum.

Lancer Writers Awards: Best Romance Story

The Day's Most Quiet Need

Jessamie goes about her daily routine, and thinks about the future

Hope Sings

Johnny has a talk with Grady - when he can get a word in edgwise - and things come to a happy conclusion.

The Hackamore Sequence
A series of stories charting the progress of the three disparate men adjusting into being a family.

1. Benedictus

A little revolution down Mexico way.

2. One More Silver Dollar

Johnny heads north west, to California.

3. Fancy Dan

Scott accepts an invitation to go West



4. Shoes In The Jewel Box

Murdoch prepares for one son's arrival by remembering the past.


5. Pride and Prejudice

The first supper.


6. Auld Aquaintance

A meeting in Morro Coyo


7. Barranca

One of the vaqueros defending the hacienda watches Johnny's wild ride.



8. Second Opinion

Dr Sam Jenkins deals with the aftermath of battle.


9. Tabula Rasa

Scott ponders a decision, and admires the dawn light.

Lancer Writers Awards: Best Scott Story


10. Tamales and Beans

The Lancers start to adjust.


11. Parchment and Old Ink

The partnership deed is signed.


12. Trade Secrets

The Lancer brothers get acquainted.


13. California

Journalist Charles Nordhoff travels west to write about California for Harper's Monthly Magazine. He shares his journey with Scott Lancer, and later arrives at the ranch to make the acquaintance of all the Lancer family...

The Whore and the Gunfighter Sequence
A short series of stories of the meeting between a pistolero and a soiled dove. Tags for Episode 4, Series 1 : Foley in which Scott gets involved in a violent family dispute between an outlaw, Foley, and Polly, the pregnant wife of his dead son. Johnny recognizes her as a dance-hall girl with whom he "used to share a bottle" – with the implication that it was more, unsaid.

The Scent of Sandalwood

The whore meets the gunfighter on a hot, hot summer night.


Green Tussore, With Roses

Musings of a dancehall girl, or how to be a character in a dime novel about a famous gunfighter.

Melted Into Air, Into Thin Air

Polly marries Frank Foley and heads west, to California

Every Sinner's Future

The dust has settled, the Foleys are dead or in jail, and Polly has given birth to Martha. What does the future hold?