I just want to point you all here to first, the old By Your Command closed archive where a great deal of the existing BSG slash lives, some of it going back years. Check out the lot, but I recommend anything at all by Heidi Maroney. Anything.

There's a new archive, also and confusingly called By Your Command. Just so you don't get too bewildered, here's the link to the All New By Your Command.




Johnny Madrid Lancer is an old, old favourite, the prototype for all the dark, messy-haired men I came to love. It's a Western, from 1969-1971. Murdoch Lancer, a Californian rancher, is being threatened by land grabbers and sends for his two estranged sons to help him. Scott (a rich Bostonian) is the eldest son whom Murdoch has only seen once; Johnny Madrid, a famous gunman down on the Mexican border ("Madrid's an awfully expensive gun to hire." "The suddenest man I ever saw." "What's another dead man to Johnny Madrid?") is the younger son who was abducted by his mother when he was two. I am hooked, totally hooked. Alnost all the fiction is gen and I don't care.

There are some really excellent stories out there. I love the transition period where the three Lancers forge themselves into a family. So those first:

Whistle's Second Thoughts examines that same post-pilot period from the two outsider POV's - the Mexican ranch foreman, Cipriano, and the wife of a local storekeeper, Mrs Baldomero. In the series, both are cameo roles but Whistle gives them real flesh and bone. And Headwinds is another lovely story about the Lancer family trying to adapt to being a family.

Suzanne's "Boy with a Past" - in the files section of the Lancer Writers Yahoo Group. This is both a look at how the family interacts and gets to know each other and a great mystery story. Really beautifully observed characterisation and a wealth of detail that just sucks you right in. It's still a work in progress, and to read it and catch up with new instalments as they come, you'll have to join the Group. It's worth it.

Cindy's Touchstone is a remarkable little look into Johnny's head, a tag to the pilot episode where he's still on his feet despite the bullet in his back and struggling to make sense of his feelings about his father and brother, and the offer of co-ownership of the ranch.


Other stories

I love Whistle's stories and can recommend all of them, including her AUs where she writes such a convincing young Johnny who even at ten or eleven, has the seeds of Johnny Madrid in him. Of her Lancer Stories, I particularly love Holly Night (my favourite Lancer Christmas story) and No Place Like Home

Shelley's The Stray is a painful look at what happens when an old friend of Johnny's turns up from the past. Every chapter of this story has at least one sentence in it of astonishing beauty. But best of all is No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - a Lancer classic.


Archive : PeterBrownTV.com with its mirror archive, LancerLovers




Stargate Atlantis

Pretty pilots and snarky scientists – what's not to love about Stargate Atlantis?  Sheppard-McKay is my pairing of choice and here's a few of the stories that make this a great fandom.

For one of the great fandom classics, read Written By The Victors by Speranza: a tour-de-force that's clever and well written and all round brilliant.

For the John who lurks below that charming exterior, the John who kills over 60 Genii in "The Storm/The Eye" in series one, the implacable ruthless killer, read Exigencies by Rivier, who not only is a damn fine writer, but turned out in real life to be a close work colleague of mine. Rivier and I may have fought over things like headcount and budgets, but we sure as hell bonded over the wonder that is John and Rodney. Riv's locked down her journal now, but is cool about copies of her stories being shared. So if you want a copy email me.

For Atlantis and Ancient tech as something semi-sentient with a link to John Sheppard that isn't all sweetness and light, read Lacey McBain's Distraction.

For stories that explore John and Rodney in a whole series of AU universes, read any of the Second Verse by SGAMadison. The link takes you to her page on the Wraithbait archive. Also you have to read her wonderful crossover with Sherlock Holmes, where she has a pitch-perfect John Watson: A Lesson In Evil

For gen stories, you just don't get better than Martha Wilson's Retrograde series, where Atlantis and SGA1 meet in a sweepingly brilliant epic with lovely characterisation and gripping plot. It even gets a bit slashy (in a threesome) in the very latest story in the series. Read anything by Martha. Anything at all.

There are a lot of soldiers on Atlantis who have to try and figure out having Sheppard as their commander. Domenika Marzione has created an entire world within Atlantis's Little Tripoli with beautifully crafted and realised original characters, both Marines and her incomparable Dr Yoni Safir. Wonderful series of gen stories, here.

And finally, if you like AU stories where John is a baker and Rodney a fire-eating juggler, then the Giant SGA AU list is the place for you. No recs here, but the list is the most comprehensive I've come across.

Archives : Area 52 or Wraithbait. And a whole slew of recommendations, mostly slash, to work your way through.



Harry Potter

Mad Martha's Harry Potter stories : Singlehanded, Martha converted me to Harry-Ron through the astonishing Aurors series (especially "One Week in Summer" and the immense "Circles of Power") and to Harry-Draco through an utterly awesome "Lodger." And then she even made me believe in Slytherin Harry in the Two Households series. Martha's slash is gentle, not graphic. Really, they're barely slash at all except in that in the course of them Harry is in a relationship with another man. Don't expect hot sex scenes because you won't get them. But they are lovingly done, psychologically acute, densely and cleverly plotted. Whether it's Harry deciding the only way to off Voldemort is through sacrificing himself with blood magic, or a broken Harry post-War looking for a purpose in his life or just schoolboy Harry trying to get along in Slytherin - well, all I can say is that I've read these far more times than I've read JK Rowling.

You can find all of Martha's fics archived at Martha's Library.




Lord of the Rings

The slash in this fandom is almost universally dreadful, so I've tended to read more of the gen fics. I've two authors I want to rec here.

Jastaelf's wonderfully scruffy Aragorn and effortlessly superior Legolas, "The Scruff Factor".

Daw the Minstrel : Daw has more than 30 tales of Mirkwood and of Legolas growing up there. Her Thranduil is just magnificent, every inch an Elven King, and her cast of OCs completely convincing. Thranduil and Legolas's elder brothers are as Tolkien would have written them if he'd had the time. I think my favourite is "When Shadow Touches Home" because Daw does Little Legolas so wonderfully well, and with a refreshing lack of twee sentimentality. You can find her stories at Stories of Arda but the only problem is working out the order you need to read them - the archive needs to do some thinking about that!



Phantom Menace

I have a slight Qui Gon Jinn thing - Liam Neeson is just gorgeous. There is a lot of pretty good Master-Apprentice slash around but my favourite of all time is Hiperbunny's Bonds of Choice. It's a great story of a young, emotionally fragile Obi-Wan Kenobi bonding to his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, with all the trauma that brings with it.