Blue Touchpaper, Green Bees
Even the best military strategist can be wrong-footed by an exploding barn.


Defining Gerunds
Ronon watches the team and integrates.


A Fine Romance
Rodney is, on the whole, a bad boyfriend.  He is, they'll say, quite possibly the worst boyfriend in two entire galaxies.

Flotsam and Jetsom
Following a culling, the team find a symbol of remembrance and permanence. Pre-slash John and Rodney. Gen fic.

Four-letter Word
The font of all knowledge love.


The Genius of Fools

Sometimes there's silence. And sometimes there are handcuffs. John correlates the two



Genres Challenge
A recent meme on LiveJournal took 10 fiction genres and invited people to write a single sentence for each that would both show off their fandom and be a miniature example of the genre. Only 10? I ended up with 30.


Geometry of Gold
Sex and the applicability of mathematical constants.


Grimm Tale     
An illustrated retelling of that much-loved fairy tale, starring Lt Col John Sheppard as Hansel and Dr Meredith Rodney McKay as Gretel.


How many miles to Babylon?
The Astronomy Picture of the Day for 22 October 2008 was the Pegasus Galaxy, which is an awful lot of miles from here. Maths and smut for John and Rodney ensued.

In Memoriam
Atlantis has always been a dangerous place, a perilous place. It's a place of wonder and delight and risk and terror. There's a silence in its deep places that shouts of the weight of years and knowledge and arrogant power. Episode Tag for Season 1, The Siege.

In which there is reflection upon scars. Oh, and upon koalas.



Letters from Pegasus : Mail Interrupted
John did record 'letters' home before the Siege. He just didn't send them.

Written On Water
Sunset and light, and a smidgeon of romance