Episode No

The Kid

7 October 1969

Guest stars
Billy Mumy as Andy
Jennifer Douglas as Dorrie
Richard X. Slattery as Dan Marvin
Bert Freed as Toby Jencks
Lee Farr as Lucky Morgan
Dabbs Greer as Sheriff

Director: Allen Reisner
Writer : Carey Wilber


The Kid is one of my favourite Lancer episodes ever.  In it, Johnny is hired on for short money ($26.37) by a boy, Andy Cutler, who's burning for revenge for his dead father, who he thinks was killed by two local ranchers in a dispute over water rights.  Johnny takes the job to try and give Andy time to come to terms with his anger and grief.  It's a great episode.  Johnny just revels in being Johnny Madrid again, and manipulating the two ranchers into each believing the other has hired him, while all the time trying to teach Andy that killing the two men isn't the right thing to do. 

(Montage based on one by Geraldine )

It has some great lines about Johnny Madrid:

"Madrid's an awfully expensive gun to hire."

"Why, he's the fastest thing west of the Mississippi or east or China."

It also has some wonderful moments, such as the Gunhawk's Ride into Town.  Best of all, Johnny puts his gun belt on.  Twice.  I don't know if I can rightly convey the glory that is Johnny Madrid putting on his gun belt. 

That's not a great picture. So try these:


and a few more pictures from Geraldine's site:


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Anyhow, Andy has an elder sister Dorrie.  Dorrie's increasing attraction to Johnny is conveyed in her clothes.  When we first see her, she's wearing an awful pink calico dress and has her hair in bunches tied with tape.  The second time, when Johnny's having breakfast with her and Andy, she's in pink check, with her hair pulled back with a big pink satin ribbon.  But the third time... the third time Dorrie is resplendent in what is obviously her best dress - a truly awful apple green and acid yellow outfit, with her hair all soft and loose, drawn back only at the top with a green satin bow. 

The Old Maid's Tale is Dorrie's story.  It could also be thought of as the story of the greeny-yallery dres