noun. A rope or rawhide halter with a wide band that can be lowered over a horse's eyes, used in breaking horses to a bridle.
[Alteration of Spanish jáquima, halter, from Old Spanish xaquima, from Arabic šakīma, bit of a bridle, from šakama, to bridle.]


This is a series of planned and existing stories that the cover the period in which the three Lancer men meet and begin to forge themselves into a family.  It makes more sense to read them in order, but they'll stand as semi-stand-alones.

Several of the completed stories are all outsider POV, and one or two are written in the present tense. 


The stories are (in order):

01 Benedictus

02 One More Silver Dollar

03 Fancy Dan

04 Shoes In The Jewel Box

05 Pride and Prejudice

06 Auld Acquaintance

07 Barranca

08 Second Opinion

09 Tabula Rasa

10 Tamales and Beans

11 Parchment and Old Ink

12 Trade Secrets



.... there will be more!