All the pairings are Apollo/Starbuck and mostly these are light-hearted and angst-free. Click on the titles to get to the stories.

Activity Holiday
First time fic. This was a response to the Going on Holiday challenge on the BSG slashlist. Mildly erotic when Apollo finally gets a clue about what sort of activities Starbuck likes to do when he's on holiday. Oh yes - both boys in tight black leather.
Amber Of The Moment
Five occasions in the life of Fleet Captain Apollo when he felt constrained by circumstances, and one when he didn't.
Birthday Present
Boxey gets anxious about Starbuck's lack of birthday parties, so Apollo arranges one and they both end up getting a present. First time fic.
Broken At The Cistern
Apollo undergoes a ritual in order to make a necessary trade alliance. This one isn't long, but it's non-linear and written in 4 different verb tenses. Don't say you haven't been warned.
Can't Take My Eyes Of Off You
Oh dear – another songfic. First time fic, too. Starbuck persuades Apollo into a night out at a very exclusive club where they drink too much nectar (champagne) and hear of a very strange competition.
Capital Punishment
What IS it with all those people whose names begin with the letter S? Apollo muses.
A power-cut, a broken-down turbolift and Starbuck. What more could a man want?
(The) Constant Tin Soldier
There are many reasons for wearing dress uniform, and almost as many universes to wear it in. Apollo in dress blues.


Dilemma/Alternative Perspective/Convergence
The morning after the night before.
Diplomatic Incident
A bit of fun with dominant!Apollo and a very surprised Starbuck, whose attempt not to cause a diplomatic incident .. er .. backfires on him.
The truth of rumour. Or not, as the case may be.
Fact File : Apollo
Fifty things you need to know about our lovely Captain.
Fact File : Starbuck
And fifty things you need to know about our equally lovely Lieutenant.
(The) Fair Young Man
Starbuck has a very bad day.

Genres Challenge
30 genres, one sentence for each. A challenge on LiveJournal.

Giving to Charity
2003's seasonal tale. Starbuck has this idea, you see, about holding a charity auction to make sure that the orphans get some decent Yuletide presents. Apollo's looking for something other than socks, himself, this year...
The real meaning of the word. Oh dear.
Half-a-pound Of Humbugs, Please
A retelling of a Christmas story - with apologies to Mr Dickens and featuring Colonel Ebenzer Tigh.

A pointless little turkey for Christmas 2008.
Nine Characters
This is the result of a meme doing the rounds of LJ in May 2007 - I promised five snippets of information about characters in my fandoms, on request. I got tapped for nine - 3 canon, the Phoebus Redux version of Athena and 5 OCs.
Peach Tart
Starbuck finds a delicious confection to celebrate Apollo's birthday, and gets his reward.
Playing Holi
The consequences of not reading your emails properly can be both colourful and deeply physically satisfying. Ask Apollo.
Rhodopis Redux
This is fairy-tale BSG. This is pure crack. Pure, pure crack. Starbuckella and the Handsome Prince, and the magical glass thigh holster.
Rights And Responsibilities
Starbuck's grown up, right? Wrong. So far as Apollo's concerned, Starbuck immatures with age.
Ship Of Splintered Ice
It's cold. It's very cold. Five ficlets, one for each of my universes, in which Apollo and Starbuck are feeling a bit chilly. This is a bit self indulgent, really.

Silent Land
"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."

Sleeping Beauty
Another crack fic BSG fairy tale, with True Love's Kiss, frogs and illustrations.

Stopping At The Skin
Authority and the Fraternisation Regs - they're no match for a good game of chess.

Tales From The Turboflush
Teenagers, huh? Who'd have the little darlings when the hormones kick in? Experimentation in the turboflushes leads to bad poetry.
(The) Twelve Days Of Yuletide
2002's seasonal tale. Lots of implied fun, but really very innocuous. Your grandmother could read it and not blush. Try it and see. This is pure seasonal fluff. I suppose it's a sort of songfic. Yeah. That's it. A sort of songfic. Seasons Greetings!
So, they're dating. Only neither of them seem to realise it.
Warrior Of The Sectar

2004's seasonal tale, a sort of follow-up to Giving to Charity. Starbuck really has to stop reading the Onion and start keeping his datacrystals secure. He doesn't manage either.

(The) Whole Truth

The BSG equivalent of your date "running out of petrol". Oh yeah. You know what he's after. And he gets it.
Wide-Waving Wings
Apollo, Starbuck and a touch of steampunk. Pre-slash.
Worm's Eye View
Bird people. With wings. And eggs. Oh yes, they need eggs....
Yellow Flag
A sick Starbuck is a very annoying Starbuck. Ask Apollo.