Starbuck promises that it'll be safe. All the patrols are out and the door's locked and he already has Apollo's chair pushed back against the wall. Apollo's doubtful, half wanting this, more than half guilty about fooling about while on duty even if it's quiet, quiet, quiet and he's bored out of his head. He'd welcome an alert, right now to relieve the tedium. Still, Starbuck's hands, which are busily unbuckling his belt and slipping into his pants, stifles the protest unborn. Apollo decides he's been a martyr to duty all his life, he deserves a break, and he'll take a blow-job over a Cylon attack, any day of the secton.

He lifts his hips to let Starbuck slide down his pants, kicking off one leg of the pants, before settling back into his chair and spreading his legs wide. Starbuck grins at him, and drops to his knees, his deft fingers working Apollo's cock out from his shorts. Starbuck licks his lips and drops a little kiss on the tip. Apollo jerks in the chair, muttering a curse, and his cock bobs invitingly.  Starbuck laughs.

"Fast or slow?"

It has to be fast, Apollo says regretfully. They can't take too long-- Starbuck! He breaks off abruptly as Starbuck's head plunges down and he takes Apollo in. Starbuck's mouth is hot, almost unbelievably hot, and wet and hot and did Apollo think it was hot?

Starbuck moves his head rapidly, sliding his tongue up and down Apollo's cock, flicking his tongue over the head of it on every upward surge. Sometimes he pauses there, letting his tongue work over the surface, pushing the tip a little harder over the folds of skin before plunging down again, and up and down, and up and down... and now the head's so sensitive that Apollo groans aloud, his breath coming fast, as Starbuck lets his teeth graze gently over the tip, his talented tongue still sweeping over and around soothing the places his teeth are teasing. Apollo's hips are bucking in the chair now, helplessly following the up and down bobbing of Starbuck's busy head. He cards his fingers through Starbuck's hair, pulling his head in closer, pushing his cock further into that wet and willing mouth and he's yelling as the heat in his balls bursts into a fiery wetness, pulsing against Starbuck's lips and tongue as he comes and comes and comes.

Starbuck sits back, licking the last traces of come from his lips. He looks smug. "Ha," he says when Apollo's quit panting and moaning and can focus on him again. "And I thought that you were all noble and selfless and thought only of duty."

Apollo reached out a hand to pull Starbuck up for a kiss. "Nothing but a malicious rumour," he says. "Never listen to gossip."

January 2008