Sometimes, although you'd hardly credit it, I do write short fics. Usually these are responses to challenges or prompts, and are really just too short to stand on their own; the sort of thing that will take about a minute to read.

These shorter fics - 1000 words or less - are stored here. Enjoy!


Body Heat
Apollo's cold. March 2009

Comfort Zone
Shared grief and loss. June 2005

Frost Fair
An ice hotel and friction. January 2009

Gossip Queen
Rumour is often inaccurate. January 2008

Ice Burn
Keeping warm in difficult circumstances. January 2009

Into Air, Into Thin Air NEW
Day of Destruction +1, the Adaman family home, Caprica. Posted March 2018. Written sometime 2009

Power Cut
Trapped in a lift, they have to do something to pass the time. ?2002

(The) Silences Between
Zac survives Cimtar. Not everyone else does. January 2012

Songs In A Minor Key
Starbuck muses on bones and hands and comfort. August 2009.
Companion piece to Little Lights

Thicker Than Water
The answer to a challenge to write something surprising about Boxey's parentage. December 2011