British English and spelling throughout my stories.



The BSG writers came up with a whole host of term and words that - to say the least - sit a little uneasily with English. Here's a few that you'll find within the stories, along with their English equivalents.

daggit - dog

crawlon - spider.

A “socialator” was evidently a prostitute, but this seems to have been a licensed profession, accepted by most people.

Ambrosa is wine and mushies are sticky sweets.

They had a few euphemistic swear words: Frack for fuck; felgercarb for shit.



Time Units

These are crazy, to say the least, and were never consistently applied in the original series; and in some cases seem to be been confused with units of distance..

This is canon :

yahren = year

sectar = month

secton = week,

centar = hour

centon = minute

micron = second.

There's no special term for day or night.

Each centar consisted of 100 centons (so don't be surprised if someone says the time is 4.87) and each centon had 10 microns.


This isn't canon:

I don't think that it's certain how many centars to the day. I've plumped for 25 to keep with the decimal system. If you think of a micron = 4 earth seconds, then a 25 centar day is equivalent to just about 27.7 earth hours, which is reasonable.

We don't know how many days to a secton, or sectons to a sectar, or sectars to a yahren. Most of my stories work on the basis that there are:

10 days to every secton (week)

4 sectons to a sectar (month)

10 sectars to a yahren

This gives the Colonies a standard yahren of 400 days.

And although the Colonies were twelve different planets that would, physically, have twelve different "days" and "yahrens"; in my BSG universe they all follow this standard system, which is based on the time convention for Kobol itself.

And I've given the sectars Latinate names. From First sectar onwards through the year these are : Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus, Decimus.

Yule comes near the end of Decimus.

The days of the secton (week) have no names. They're First day, Second-day, Third-day etc




Canon : Triad is their most popular sport, where the members of the two-man teams wore minimal sports gear and look stunning. the game appears to be played on a triangular court, with the spectators all high above, looking down. The object of the game is to put the ball into one of three holes on each side of the court. It's a tough, contact sport.

Non-canon : I've named the highest of the scoreholes "The Trinity" and if you score in that, you get most points.




“By Your Command” was the response of Cylons to orders from their Imperious Leader and has passed into BSG legend.




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